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CBD for Pain

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

The vast majority of Americans today report having some type of pain that requires treatment with standard medications, but many are turning to CBD to find lasting relief. Since CBD is new to the market, there have only been a few studies that tested the effectiveness of this all natural pain remedy. The first two trials assessed pain relief from human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine or kidney transplant. Study participants had qualitatively lower pain scores over time after CBD use, while researchers could not entirely determine whether the benefits were due to CBD, natural alleviation of symptoms over time, or the placebo effect.

Here at Skippack Pharmacy we have many patients that take CBD alone or use it in conjunction with other therapies. During a time where opioid misuse is so prevalent, we try to guide our patients towards products that have little to no potential for abuse or dependence. As always, if you or a loved one have any questions about using CBD for much needed relief you can stop in and talk with our pharmacist about the benefits of a holistic approach to pain.

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